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  • Killers of the Flower Moon

    Did you know, only a few Tribal Nations were indigenous to Oklahoma. All others were removed from their ancestral homelands and relocated here – it was called Indian Territory. The state’s name comes from two Choctaw words “Okla” and “Homma” meaning Red People.

    250 Years Ago in Virginia

    Four of our first five Presidents were Virginians. Two fought in the Revolution, one wrote the Declaration and one wrote the Constitution.  Come see their homes, discover the legacies.  From Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty” speech and to the final battle at Yorktown, you’ll hear how it all happened.

    The Virginia Tattoo & Mermaid Bash

    Beginning with the Pomp & Circumstance of a Military Tattoo followed by a Rock & Roll Dance Band with Mermaids swaying to the music. Your group will learn of warbirds, battleships and great American’s who served “in the air, on land, and sea.”

    Shear Madness in DC

    See a performance of Shear Madness at the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts. This interactive comedy whodunit combines up-to-the-minute improvisational humor and a mixture of audience sleuthing to deliver a unique performance each night. Also included with your visit to Washington DC is an afternoon at the Smithsonian Museums, Evening Monuments Tour and Guided Sightseeing.

    Branson Fourth of July

    Celebrate the American Spirit with Branson’s annual Fourth of July Celebration – Liberty Light Up. See dazzling fireworks and an evening concert. This patriotic trip includes visits to the Veterans Memorial Museum and Patriots Park at the College of the Ozarks.

    Branson, Bluegrass & BBQ Fest

    Branson has more theaters than Broadway, more restaurants than a Norwegian Cruise Ship, more hotels than Myrtle Beach.  This destination is not about price.  With more choices than a Chinese Restaurant and comparatively low prices on everything. You should not be selling a value trip . . . You should be selling a better trip. Bigger and Better, Build a tour that you’re proud of, one that offers more fun than than your competitio

    Branson’s Veterans Holiday

    Untold thousands of veterans come to Branson every November for Veteran’s Homecoming Week.  It is America’s largest Veterans Day celebration and is a special time set aside to honor Veterans, active duty personnel and their families.  It a week filled with great music, civic pride and a sense of honor.