An Oregon AgVenture An Oregon AgVenture

This Oregon AgVenture explores the Willamette and Columbia River Valleys and their Agricultural heritage. Did you know there are more than 38,000 farms and agriculture is 13% of the State’s gross domestic product. Take a look at our itinerary and join us for a taste of Oregon.

An Oregon AgVenture
Minneapolis & Saint Paul Minneapolis & Saint Paul

Learn about John Dillinger’s favorite hangouts—and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, too. Catch a show-stopping theater performance and grab a bite at the Midtown lobal Market, Cruise the Mississippi, and visit the One-of-a-Kind Mall of America.

Minneapolis & Saint Paul
Holiday Lights at the Beach Holiday Lights at the Beach

It’s a wonderful time of the year. This tour has two great Holiday Light displays and with off-season rates it prices nice.  Give us a call, give us your dates,  give us a chance this tour is great!

Holiday Lights at the Beach
Louisiana’s River Parishes Louisiana’s River Parishes

Flavor and Rhythm enhance this wonderful visit to the River Parishes.  Why it’s an educational experience.  You’ll learn about the people, the cooking, the wildlife, history and more.  Call now and let’s plan a great outing for your group.

Louisiana's River Parishes
“The Gilded Age” in New York “The Gilded Age” in New York

This is sightseeing that parallels a TV Show.  “The Gilded Age,” is a new series by writer Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey), set amongst the lives of New York’s Robber Barons  in the 1880s, it will premiere on HBO in 2022.   The show tells the story of a new-money family trying to join the ranks of the Astors and Vanderbilts ... READ MORE

"The Gilded Age" in New York