Conquistadors & Astronauts Conquistadors & Astronauts

Spanish Conquistadors first came to New Mexico in 1540 in search of Cibola the fabled city of Gold.  The first earth astronaut arrived in New Mexico in 1961, a Chimpanzee named Ham.  But as you will see in Roswell there may have been an interstellar astronaut land here in 1947. This beautiful State has been attracting adventurers for c ... READ MORE

Conquistadors & Astronauts
“Yellowstone” TV Series Tour “Yellowstone” TV Series Tour

If you think the scenery in the TV series “Yellowstone” is stunning – wait until you see it for real.  While the country around The Dutton Ranch is truly majestic, you will also see America’s two of greatest National Parks.   Give it a try – this trip will sell.

"Yellowstone" TV Series Tour
Two Trains & The Grand Canyon Two Trains & The Grand Canyon

This is an exciting western trip featuring two scenic train rides. You ride on both the Verde Canyon and the Grand Canyon Railroad during a fun-filled week in northern Arizona.

Two Trains & The Grand Canyon
Arizona Winter – Phoenix & Tombstone Arizona Winter – Phoenix & Tombstone

This is an action packed, warm weather Arizona Tour.  Perfect for winter.  You’ll see the most popular sites around Phoenix, do a day trip to Sedona and spend time in Tombstone. . . Read about it now, before it gets cold outside.

Arizona Winter - Phoenix & Tombstone
Red Rock & Western Railroads Red Rock & Western Railroads

Combining Colorado & Utah must-see attractions. You follow the route of the California Zephyr for 250 miles over the Continental Divide, cruise the Colorado River south through Utah, enjoy a Jeep Tour in Monument Valley, a visit with the Ancients at Mesa Verde, cross New Mexico on the Cumbres Toltec and climb to the top of Pikes P ... READ MORE

Red Rock & Western Railroads