OKC’s NEW:  First American’s Museum OKC’s NEW: First American’s Museum

We bet you didn’t think Oklahoma City could be this much fun?  Check this out Museums to both Cowboys & Indians and dinner with John Wayne.   Another dinner at Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar, a cooking demo, horse racing, a Banjo Museum luncheon, Living History Performance and more . . .

OKC's NEW: First American's Museum
The Wild Wild West The Wild Wild West

In Texas and Oklahoma during the second half of the 20th Century it was a time of cattle & conflict. Cowboys clashed with the Native Tribes as ranching changed the landscape and the buffalo disappeared. Come learn of the characters who defined this era.

The Wild Wild West
North Dakota Trails North Dakota Trails

Follow the footsteps of Lewis & Clark, Teddy Roosevelt and Louis L’Amour to a place where native Americans chased the buffalo. Remote and rocky, from Fargo to Medora this land is wide open and filled with stories, come, see, hear and learn.

North Dakota Trails
Valley of the Sun Adventure Valley of the Sun Adventure

What better way to spend a week in winter. We have packaged the Drury Inn Happy Valley, outside Phoenix with local sightseeing, great food and exciting options. We give you a resort-style day for golfing or spa. Plus an adventure-day for a Hot Air Balloons or a Grand Canyon by Air Tour. Read about it now, before it gets cold outside ... READ MORE

Valley of the Sun Adventure
Railroads of Colorado & New Mexico Railroads of Colorado & New Mexico

Travel on Five Scenic Trains, some of the highest altitude railroads in America during the day and enjoy comfortable rooms and fine dining at night. A Rocky Mountain Trip that combines adventure, history and romance.

Railroads of Colorado & New Mexico