New Orleans Football Frolic New Orleans Football Frolic

Are the Saints your favorite team? Or, does your favorite team play the Saints? Do you like New Orleans and Football? Here’s yet one more way to tour the Big Easy and this package is filled with excitement. Including a Police Escort to the Super Dome and a Second Line Parade into the Stadium. Come on sport, It’s time to ... READ MORE

New Orleans Football Frolic
Virginia International Tattoo Virginia International Tattoo

Our three-night Patriotic Festival is filled with awe-inspiring spectacles. The Virginia International Tattoo comes first, is a Military Review Show with the precision drill teams, bagpipes and drums from many different countries. It’s followed by a Private Military Air Show only available to our groups, It doesn’t get any ... READ MORE

Virginia International Tattoo
Oklahoma’s Cowboys, Indians & Music Oklahoma’s Cowboys, Indians & Music

We offer two departures of this new tour, first in August when Sunflowers, Goldenrod and Blue Sage spread over the vast prairies, then in April when Johnny-Jump-ups, Prairie Iris and Spring Beauties burst forth and blossom toward summer. This package digs into the History & Heritage of Oklahoma, her early Natives, her cowboys and ... READ MORE

Oklahoma's Cowboys, Indians & Music
It’s Hot in Scottsdale It’s Hot in Scottsdale

What better way to spend a winter’s week than a Scottsdale Resort Hotel and the Westin Keirland offers activities for everyone. We have packaged this resort with a modest amount of local sightseeing, balancing that with resort amenities, giving you the chance to both relax and explore.

It's Hot in Scottsdale