Agawa Canyon Tour Train Agawa Canyon Tour Train

All aboard the Agawa Canyon Tour Train for an all-day rail excursion into the heart of the Canadian wilderness. This 114-mile excursion truly showcases the rugged beauty that is exclusive to the region. The seemingly unending mixed forests of the Canadian Shield open up as you skirt the shores of northern lakes and rivers, cross toweri ... READ MORE

Agawa Canyon Tour Train
Lake Michigan Expedition Lake Michigan Expedition

Lake Michigan is the only Great Lake located entirely inside the US. All others share a border with Canada. Join us as we ferry across the Lake on the SS Badger, follow the Michigan Coast north, turn west and cross the Upper Peninsula, before returning South along the Wisconsin shore. You discover incredible scenic beauty, the heritage ... READ MORE

Lake Michigan Expedition
The Lake Huron Expedition The Lake Huron Expedition

Lake Huron was the first of the Great Lakes to be discovered by European explorers and it should be the next one discovered by you.   This is a spectacular and scenic journey that includes the Thunder Bay’s Elk Carriage Ride, Two nights on Mackinaw Island, a journey across the Might Mac Bridge, eastward along the north shore visi ... READ MORE

The Lake Huron Expedition
Wisconsin’s East Coast & Door County Wisconsin’s East Coast & Door County

This is an Eclectic Heritage Tour and there aren’t many of those! It combines a few unique attractions with Wisconsin Heritage sites and creates a light-hearted, fun-filled adventure. One morning begins with the discovery of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed architecture , another features breakfast in a building with goats on the roof ... READ MORE

Wisconsin's East Coast & Door County
Apostle Islands of Lake Superior Apostle Islands of Lake Superior

Off the northern tip of Wisconsin they are known for lighthouses, sandstone sea caves, old-growth remnant forests and natural animal habitats. It is said they were named by the Jesuits, who enjoyed giving Holy Names to new places. Come explore like a fur-trader and discover this distant land on America’s North Shore.

Apostle Islands of Lake Superior