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  • Norfolk Harborfest & Tall Ships Norfolk Harborfest & Tall Ships

    2026 marks the 250th anniversary of our nation’s birth in 1776.  To celebrate, a fleet of International tall ships and military vessels will sail to the Virginia waterfront as part of Sail250 America.  Joining the festivities will be over 4,000 officers, cadets, and crews and over 55 ships from 20 nations. You will also mark the 50 ... READ MORE

    Norfolk Harborfest & Tall Ships
    The NEW Virginia Scenic Railway The NEW Virginia Scenic Railway

    America’s newest excursion train departs from Staunton, VA. In the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. Bring your group for a scenic rail tour and a visit to the homes of three American Presidents. It’s a great outing for any group tour.

    The NEW Virginia Scenic Railway
    Give Me Liberty Give Me Liberty

    Four of our first five Presidents were Virginians. Two fought in the Revolution, one wrote the Declaration and one wrote the Constitution.  Come see their homes, discover the legacies.  From Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty” speech and to the final battle at Yorktown, you’ll hear how it all happened.

    Give Me Liberty
    The Virginia Tattoo & Mermaid Bash The Virginia Tattoo & Mermaid Bash

    Beginning with the Pomp & Circumstance of a Military Tattoo followed by a Rock & Roll Dance Band with Mermaids swaying to the music. Your group will learn of warbirds, battleships and great American’s who served “in the air, on land, and sea.”

    The Virginia Tattoo & Mermaid Bash
    Gettysburg, One Town – Two Wars Gettysburg, One Town – Two Wars

    Gettysburg is uniquely connected to both the Civil War 1861-65 and WWII 1941-1945.  Separated by only 80 years, but linked together in this small farm town by a pair of iconic Presidents.  Come learn of Abe and Ike, hear of battles, patriots and the changes in warfare from one century to the next.

    Gettysburg, One Town - Two Wars